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Featured Grant Winners:

Helen Holm, Jessica Booth, Patricia Burger, Sherri Rodriguez, and Denise Avery

Check out some highlights from their project titled:

"Feathers for First Grade:  An Engaging Classification Experience."

Project description:  Students got to experience classification of animals through a hands-on approach.  With hatching chicks inside of the classroom, they got to see that chicks come from eggs and that they are born with feathers, beaks and wings.  Students were able to participate in observations from the egg stage through the hatching of the chicks.

Incubator for the eggs.

Student Observing Candling

Students could see the chick in the top portion of the egg.

The first chick to hatch was a girl. They named her Fiona.

Students enjoyed naming the three chicks born in their classroom.

Students also enjoyed drawing pictures of the chicks.

Adapting well to their environment and getting stronger.

Getting comfortable being handled.

Time for a little exercise.

Time for some attention from the students. 

They are instructed to only use two fingers to pet the chick to prevent hurting it and to wash their hands immediately after touching the chicks.  Students really loved the hands-on experience and learned a lot.