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Spring Innovative Instructional Grant

DEADLINE:  February 16, 2024 by 5:00 pm (We will start accepting applications on January 2, 2024)

Applications are now available for the 2023-2024 school year.

Applicants can apply for up to $1000 for innovative projects in their classroom.



Spring Innovative Instructional Grants


Spring Innovative Instructional Grants are a means for providing small grants to teachers and other school-level professional staff members to encourage innovative, creative approaches that enhance student learning in classroom instruction.

Persons Eligible to Apply for Grants

The grants are awarded on a competitive basis and any YCSD teacher or group may apply.

Eligible Proposals

All eligible proposals must ensure the following:

  • No school name, acronym or teacher names on the application.
  • EMAIL only one (1) complete application (pages 3-6) to the Foundation Liaison by the deadline.
  • submitted five (5) copies of the application (pages 5 & 6 only) through the pony or delivery to the SBO.
  • provided an itemized budget that includes the vendor and prices.
  • Does not ask the foundation to fund the following: food, clubs, bus transportation, salaries for speakers or substitute teachers, alternative seating or clothing items.

Award of Funds

Teachers may apply for up to $1,000. The number of awards will depend on funds available from The York Foundation for Public Education, Inc.

First page of the PDF file: 23-24SpringInnovativeGrantFillableApplication_2


Congratulations 2022-23 Spring Grant Winners

Tabb Middle School - Erin Watson and Paige Jacobs for, "Unlocking the path to Successful Learning" - $500

Tabb High School - Kerry Dabbs for, "Designer DNA" - $238

Magruder Elementary School - Craig Reynolds, Diana Balint, David Williams, LeeAnn Turner, Michelle Moses, and Kaitlynn Rowland for, "Robots are FUN: Integrating Computer Science into all Areas of the Curriculum" $1000

Waller Mill Elementary School - Kathryn Brandon, Lindsey Larimer, and Roger Searles for, "Stand Up for Math" - $530

Waller Mill Elementary School - Michelle Moses, Susan Spratt, Melanie Moore, and Gabrielle Thai for "Zooming to Success in Kindergarten with Sphero Indi" - $750

Waller Mill Elementary School - Michelle Moses, Julie Bishop, Tennille Powell, and Karen Shafer for, "Measuring our World with Sphero Indi" - $750

Tabb Middle School - Karen Estes and Ashley Montgomery for, "Taking a Bite of the Economy" - $970

York High School - Hannah Winfree for, "School Community Garden" - $990

Bethel Manor Elementary School - Robin Jordan, Lindsey Woodruff, Stephanie Remington, Kathy Rivera, Kirsten High, and Amy Harris for, "The Magic of Morphemes" - $897


$300 - Star of Excellence for Special Education Learning

$300 - Lawrence Butterfoss Memorial Grant for Innovative Technology

$50 - Atlantic Union Bank Innovative Grant

$500 - Sylvan Learning Center Innovative Grant                                 

$6,460 - YFPE Innovative Grants

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